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Landfill Tax, (The Landfill Tax Regulations 1996) together with the on-going  increases in general transport costs have made internal waste management services a significant financial issue for all businesses. Time and time again we have proved that a full review of your current waste streams can result in considerable financial savings and dramatically reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

At Spotless Facility Services our waste management has a flexible independent waste disposal service. Some of the key benefits we can bring to your business include:

  • A seamless service delivery nationwide.

  • Enhanced environmental profile.

  • Cost reduction through rationalisation and recycling.

  • Reduction of landfill waste.

  • Simple administration.

  • Improved service through KPIs.

  • Assurance and compliance with statutory requirements.


Spotless Facility Services Ltd are certified under the Waste Regulations Act 2011 and are safe contractor approved for all waste removal works so rest assured all legislation and complainces can stress free be passed onto us!

Spotless Facility Services Ltd

Waste Management

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